Expertise & Equipment

Expertise & Equipment

The University houses two micro/nano fabrication facilities—one in the College of Engineering and the other in the Wyant College of Optical Sciences. These centers, combined with world-class metrology and imaging facilities, serve the UArizona community as the workhorses for numerous extramurally funded semiconductor and microelectronics programs.

For tomorrow’s components and devices, including nanophotonics, nonlinear optics, 2D materials, next-generation transistors and quantum communication, these facilities provide a vertically integrated manufacturing space to support a combined basic and applied research portfolio matched nowhere else.

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Nano Fabrication Center

The NFC is an open, user friendly facility that serves academic, government and private researchers.

launch The cleanroom is being upgraded and expanded to meet at-scale training and R&D needs. 

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Imaging Technology Lab

The ITL is dedicated to advancing scientific and industrial sciences by developing enabling technologies for the 3D heterogenous integration of optics, photonics and semiconductor devices.

launch The lab is housed in the new Applied Research Building.

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Optical Sciences

Optical Sciences faculty members are involved in a myriad of multidisciplinary and multi-institutional programs. OSC also provides facilities that are available to all campus researchers as well as external, non-sponsored research customers.